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Mission - Vision

Quality Policy

We, HİDROACAR, have run business activities in the sector of hydraulic machinery and cranes since 1979. We are very proud to be the leader of the crane industry in Turkey, thanks to our knowledge and experience of long-lasting years. The development of products is mainly based on the theme “state-of-the-art technology, modern engineering and contemporary management”.

Our starting point is quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, we always thrive hard to exceed customer expectations. We establish an efficient organization for after-sales services through our long-standing customer-oriented approaches and we take it as a task to produce solutions for our customers’ needs in a due and timely manner. With a portfolio of more than 1500 machines both in the domestic and overseas markets, our company manufactures truck-mounted hydraulic mobile cranes, transplanters for bushes and trees, hydraulic platforms, hydraulic jacks (heavy-duty goods transporters), industrial boom handling machinery, and many other machinery and equipment. The range of our products widens every year, thanks to R&D activities of our Technical group established among main groups of our organization.

For our products, we use equipment imported from EU countries. In addition, we have carried on our efforts for product enhancement and development works. We attach much importance to our products, quality and technology as well as sincerity and respect in human relations. Such awareness leads us to establish a very strong team and a large organization.

Built on a strong foundation, our company aims to strengthen its efficiency in foreign markets and become an international company. Our vision is “to raise our market share in Turkey to 50% within the next ten years and be among first top ten manufacturers in Europe”.